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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookies Policy

Personal data will be stored at any given time only if you rent Villa Orquidea via or if you have given your express permission. Your personal data will be stored by:

Business name: Famount SL
Address: Travesia del Mar 1-3
Postcode + town: 07820 Sant Antoni
Telephone number: +31 651146693
Company registration: B57119976

Famount SL collects and processes personal data for the administration of tenancy agreement, the general implementation of the agreement, the collection of rental fee and deposit, customer services, the website and to comply with legal obligations.
Famount SL handles your personal data with the utmost care and does everything in its power to store your data in a safe manner. If data leaks should occur, they will be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and to those whose personal data may have been compromised. In the event of a data leak, Famount SL will always take the appropriate measures to safeguard the integrity of the website.
If you feel that your personal data has been obtained or retained in an illegal manner, you can submit a complaint to the ICO at any time.

Famount SL stores the following types of personal data:
• if you rent Villa Orquidea; your name, address, postcode, town and country of residence, date of birth, email address, telephone number(s), nationality and passport number. From all fellow travellers: name, nationality and passport number;
• if you request a quotation: your email address and name

Personal data is never stored for a longer period than is strictly necessary and can be viewed, altered and removed by you at any time. Viewing, altering and removing (including the right to be permanently removed) can be affected through a clear statement addressed to

We will remove your personal data:
• in relation to rental: after the rental period, on 31 January, with the exception of name and email address. Name and email address will be retained until further notice;
• in relation to a request for quotation: after 1 year;
• in relation to a check for improper use: immediately after verification of the proof of ID.


Cookies policy

The website of Villa Orquidea uses cookies and similar techniques (called hereafter: cookies). These enable your browser to gather, store and/or share (personal) data.

On this website, Famount SL is making use of so-called session cookies and session storage. Session cookies are functional cookies that are designed to help the website run smoothly.
The use of session cookies does not require prior permission from the internet user. Every time you visit the website, these cookies are allocated a one-off temporary number. These session cookies are removed when you close down your browser.

In addition, Famount SL makes use of cookies that require your prior permission. You can configure your browser to deal with cookies in a particular way. You can opt to never accept cookies or else to accept cookies only from the website you are visiting at the time, excluding those from different sites. This could affect your usage or experience of the website. If you have any further questions about cookies, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Famount SL.

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